Portail Filaire du CROUS de Toulouse

      Welcome on the LAN of the Crous de Toulouse

How to connect ?
Use the ID given by your college (UT1, UT2 (Mirail), UPS, INSA, ENSEEIHT, ENIT, ENSIACET (INP)) followed by the domain name :
(ex: @univ-tlse1.fr, @univ-tlse2.fr, @ups-tlse.fr, @insa-toulouse.fr, @enseeiht.fr, @ensiacet.fr …).
If your ID is not automatically activated when you have registered, you have to do it.
You will find more information concerning your ID on http://mipwifi.cict.fr (select your college).

If any connection problem, check your ID in your college area.
If your ID is not identified in the school area, please contact the help desk of your school.

If your ID is identified, it might be:
- a configuration problem on your PC. (See Need Help)
- a problem on the CROUS network. Please, tell your residence administrative service.

Students living in a CROUS student residences, registered in any other school except those mentioned above, will be delivered an ID and a password by their residence administrative service if they sign the ‘charte RENATER’ on presentation of their student card only.

You must respect the terms of agreement called charte du CROUS de Toulouse.

    Important :

  • Your ID (login) is the only encoded data between your computer and the wireless access point.
  • You can obtain an access control via any other protocol (https, imaps, ssh, ftps …) only if you have previously identified with the http protocol.

C.R.O.U.S. : 58, rue du Taur - B.P. 7096 - 31070 Toulouse Cedex 7  - Crous de Toulouse - Occitanie - 2021